Current Participation

Seems we have quite a few that would like to see a cleansing of the Clan. We had a good showing with a 9/10 for the Clan Chest with only 19 participants. This week we will start with a purge and see where we go from there. As of today we are seeing 862 donations per week.

The Clan Chest breakdown is as follows:

PainKiller 436
Tylar 241
luther 147
Feeney 120
tad282 76
CrankyGoat 74
chestnut5602 61
BigShineyEyes 36
MaMa BeAr 34
KingGstR 32
starwars 26
moonshinesweets 18
Legend 14
Alexandra 13
mr.sole 12
LadyGamer 10
suede.jarell 9
Ds 1

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